financial freedom

Welcome to financial freedom.

koala makes your money work for you; so you can live life to the full.


koala credit

A new form of short-term borrowing that helps you to repay debt, track purchases, and refinance outstanding credit balances:

Want to pay-off debt quickly?

  1. Pay all of your income against your credit card or current account.

  2. Then let koala pay your regular bills as they arrive.

Need to make an emergency purchase, or treat yourself to something special? 

  1. Put it on your credit card. 

  2. Use koala credit to refinance the purchase once the standard interest free period is over.

Want to buy that new top from boohoo but don’t know which size or colour?

  1. Put all the options on your credit card and keep the one you like best. 

  2. Koala credit will keep track of your returns, ensure you get your refund in time, and let you refinance the top you keep once your interest free period ends.

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Finances Made Simple

  • Manage your credit and debit accounts in one place.

  • Koala calculates outstanding expenses until your next paycheck.

  • Quickly see available cash to spend.

  • Use your available cash to repay debt.

  • Or sign up to koala credit to refinance existing loans and purchases. 



Quickly Pay-back Debt

  • Choose from affordable repayment options.

  • View how your payments affect the pay-back time & cost.

  • Quickly understand your total cost of borrowing.

  • Build good habits - overpaying is the most effective way to reduce your costs of borrowing.

  • Overpay to earn valuable rewards.

  • Use koala finance to smooth-out short term cash-flow worries.

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Earn Rewards

  • Track progress toward your financial goals.

  • Koala rewards you for developing good financial habits along the way.

  • Earn rewards for:

    • regularly overpaying your loans

    • using koala credit

    • inviting friends to join

  • Use rewards to reduce the cost of borrowing.